A Comprehensive Review of Midjourney: AI Engine, Applications, Comparisons, and Usage

Midjourney is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) image generator that has captured significant attention due to its ability to create realistic and visually appealing images. This article will provide a thorough review of Midjourney, discussing its AI engine, main features, applications, and real-world examples. We will also compare Midjourney with its main competitors, discuss the pros and cons of using the platform, and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use this innovative tool.

About the Midjourney AI Engine

The Midjourney AI engine is a sophisticated system designed to generate high-quality images based on user-provided prompts. It operates entirely on Discord, a popular communication platform[4]. The AI engine has been continuously improved, with the latest version (v5) showcasing impressive photorealistic images and the ability to generate realistic human hands[2].

Midjourney Main Features

Midjourney offers various features that set it apart from other AI image generators:

  • Generates four images from each prompt, allowing users to select the best one[1].
  • Provides options to upscale the generated images, redo the entire process, or choose a different generated image[1].
  • Can generate images based on specified resolutions, including 8K, 4K, photorealistic, and ultra-photorealistic[5].
  • Offers a comprehensive set of commands for easy interaction with the Midjourney bot, such as /imagine, /help, /info, and /subscribe[6].

What Midjourney Can Be Used For

Midjourney can be used for various applications, including:

  • Generating concept art for projects
  • Creating unique and visually appealing marketing materials
  • Designing custom graphics for websites and social media
  • Producing artwork for personal or commercial use

Real Examples of Projects Developed with Midjourney

Midjourney has been used to create stunning images in various projects, such as:

  • Eiffel Tower rendering showcases the platform’s ability to generate detailed and high-resolution images[5].
  • Designing unique and stylish clothing items, such as sneakers, sweaters, and dresses, based on specific prompts[8].
  • Creating surreal and imaginative artwork, such as a teapot designed by Martin Rico[8].

Comparison of Midjourney vs. Dall-E and Stable Diffusion

The table below compares Midjourney with two other popular AI image generators, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion:

FeatureMidjourneyDall-EStable Diffusion
AI Enginev5Dall-EStable Diffusion
Image QualityHighHighHigh
Human Hand RenderingExcellentFairFair
Resolution Options8K, 4K, etc.LimitedLimited
Customization OptionsExtensiveModerateModerate
User InterfaceText-basedGraphicalGraphical
Pricing PlansFree & PaidPaid onlyPaid only
Table 1: Features Comparison between Midjourney, Dall-E and Stable Diffusion

Pros and Cons of Midjourney


  • Generates high-quality, photorealistic images
  • Offers extensive customization options
  • Provides a user-friendly, text-based interface on Discord
  • Includes a free plan for users to try the service


  • Operates exclusively on Discord, which may not be suitable for all users
  • The AI engine might sometimes struggle with generating certain types of images or objects

Midjourney Pricing Plans

Midjourney offers different pricing plans to suit various user needs. The following table outlines the available options:

Free$0Limited access to image generation, basic resolutions, and prompt support
Basic$9.99/moIncreased image generation limits, priority support, and access to high-resolution images
Pro$19.99/moUnlimited image generation, highest resolution options, and priority supp
Table 2: Midjourney Pricing Plans (updated 2023, April 24)

How to Get Started and Use Midjourney

To start using Midjourney, follow these steps:

  • Join a Discord server with the Midjourney bot installed, or invite the bot to your own server.
  • Use the “/imagine” command or type “/” and choose “imagine” from the menu to generate an image[3].
  • Input a description of the image you need in the prompt field that appears.
  • Review the generated images and select the one that best fits your needs.

Midjourney Review

In conclusion, Midjourney is a powerful AI image generation tool that offers high-quality, photorealistic images with extensive customization options. Its innovative AI engine, ease of use on Discord, and competitive pricing plans make it an attractive choice for various applications, from concept art to marketing materials. Comparing it with Dall-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney demonstrates superior photorealism and customization. However, its exclusive operation on Discord may be a limitation for some users. Overall, Midjourney is an impressive platform for those seeking to generate unique and visually appealing images for personal or professional use.


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